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My cousin Maurine informed me that somehow the photos she sent me got scanned in backwards. So I went back and did a mirror image of those pictures.

See the fixed up photos here.

27 JULY 2007

More Torres Family Photos

My California counsin Maurine P. sent me a couple more photos of the Torres family:

Maurine writes:

The first (photo) is of Domitila and Crespin about 1930s with Domitila's granddaughter Andreita Luna Gonzales and her husband Daniel and three of their children. The Gonzales family lived in Albuquerque.

Domitila (Torres) Sanchez, was the eldest daughter of Crespin Torres and Andreita Trujillo. Andreita Gonzales is her granddaughter through her daughter Marcelina (Sanchez) Luna.

Maurine writes:

The other (photo) was taken Nov. 25, 1912 in Albuquerque. Jose and Lola Torres were the witnesses at the marriage of Francisco Sanchez to Maria Saavedra Lueras. Francisco is the son of Domitila and Moises Sanchez.

Jose Torres and Lola, or Dolores, Torres were both children of Crespin and Andreita Torres. Therefore, they were the uncle and aunt of Francisco Sanchez. Neither Jose nor Lola were married at that time, which is probably why they witnessed the wedding together.

Revised 6:25 PM, 2 August 2007.

Crespin and Andreita Torres' 50th Anniversary

Pictured in Socorro, N.M. in 1919 were:
Top row, from left: Joe Sanchez, Luis Torres, Juan Jose Montoya, Victoriano Sanchez holding Marcelina, Francisco Sanchez, Maria Sanchez, Rogerio Torres, Crespin Sanchez, Lupe Torres, Lola Torres, Balbina Sanchez with Victor, and Manuelita Montoya.
Second row: Ignacio Torres with Margarita, Apolonio Torres with Josefina and Clarence, Moises Sanchez with Al, Crespin Torres, Andreita Torres, with Monica Sanchez and Teresita Torres at her feet. Domitila Sanchez with Frank Jr., Aurora Torres, Andreita Abeyta Montoya Torres.
Front row: Maximiliano Torres, Jose Torres, Enrique Sanchez, Johnny Torres and Nestor Torres.
Jose Torres family not in picture.

Thanks again to my cousin Maurine P. for supplying me with this photo and caption.

26 JULY 2007

Crespin Torres and his aunt Guadalupe

According to Crespin Torres' obituary:

Don Crespin Torres became an orphan at an early age. At 2 ½ his mother died and seven months later his father also died, and he lived with his grandfather Juan Montoya. From 5 to 13, he lived in the house of his first cousin, Hon. Candelario Garcia and later with his aunt Lupe Torres de Baca, where he lived until he married Senorita Andreita (Trujillo)....

This story piqued my interest, so I decided to do some census research. I first began by trying to find information about his aunt Lupe Torres de Baca.

Maria Guadalupe Torres was born on 17 February 1812 in Los Garcias, NM. Her parents were Santiago and Maria Barbara Ortiz. Her first husband Francisco Antonio Garcia married her on 23 February 1825 in Socorro, NM. Francisco Garcia, the son of Francisco Xavier Garcia Jurado and Maria Josefa Sanchez, was born circa 1800. Francisco Antonio Garcia's family was enumerated in the 1833 Mexican Census of Socorro, NM:

Fran(cisco) Antonio GARCIA 33
Gualupe TORES 24
Juana Maria 6
Jose Candelario 4
Juan Maria 2

Ramirez Alief, Teresa, et al, New Mexico Census of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and Surrounding Communities of the Rio Abajo, (New Mexico Genealogical Society, Albuquerque, NM. 1994), p. 6.

Francisco and Guadalupe Garcia happen to be my 4th great-grandparents on my mother's side:

1 Francisco Antonio Garcia 1800 -
.. +Maria Guadalupe Torres 1812 -
.. 2 Juana Maria Garcia 1828 -
...... +Felipe Padilla 1815 -
....... 3 Maria Guadalupe Padilla - 1920
........... +Jose Epitacio Torres 1858 -
............ 4 Delfina Torres 1893 - 1978
................ +Esteban Zimmerly 1887 - 1936
................. 5 Maria Paublita Zimmerly 1909 -
..................... +Santiago Baca 1907 - 1961
...................... 6 Frances Rosaline Baca 1934 - 1999
.......................... +Robert Carlos Baca 1932 - 1999
........................... 7 Robert J. C. Baca

After Francisco Antonio Garcia's death, Maria Guadalupe Torres married Pedro Antonio Baca on 24 October 1834 in Socorro, NM. Pedro Antonio Baca was born circa 1807 to Juan Dionosio Baca and Maria Rita Pino. Pedro Baca's family was enumerated in the 1845 Mexican Census of Socorro, NM:

(married) Pedro BACA 38
M(aria) Guadalupe TORRES 30
Jose Candelaria 13
Juan Maria 11
Juan Pomoseno 10
M(aria) Ysabel 8
Marcos 6
M(aria) Paubla 4
Juan Jose 1
M(aria) Rosalia 12
Sebastian 13

Ramirez Alief, Teresa, et al, New Mexico Census of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and Surrounding Communities of the Rio Abajo, (New Mexico Genealogical Society, Albuquerque, NM. 1994), p. 57.

In the same 1845 census (page 75), Crespin Torres' parents and four of his brothers are listed as living in San Miguelito de las Canas, NM. Since Crespin was not born until 2 years after the census, he is not listed in the household.

It appears that Jose Candelaria, Juan Maria and Juan Promoseno (Nepomuceno?) are all Garcia children from Guadalupe's first marriage. Maria Rosalia and Sebastian appear to be the Baca's servants mentioned in the 1860 census.

By 1860, Crespin Torres and his brother Carmelo (Canuto?)were living in the Pedro Baca household:

1860 United States Census, Socorro, New Mexico

Dwelling #72; Family #76

Baca, Pedro; 55 years old; male; merchant and farmer; $2,000 Real Property; $17,000 Personal Property; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Maria Guadalupe; 45 years old; female; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Juan Nepomuceno; 25 years old; male; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Marcos; 23 years old; male, Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Juan Jose; 16 years old; male; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Severo; 13 years old; male; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Maria Rita; 11 years old; female; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Maria Catarina; 8 years old; female; Birthplace: New Mexico
Baca, Rosalia; 28 years old; female; Indian; Servant; Birthplace: Apache
Baca, Maria Susana; 11 years old; female; Indian; Servant; Birthplace: Apache
Baca, Maria Petra; 10 years old; female; Indian; Birthplace: Apache
Baca, Sebastian; 25 years old; male; Servant; Birthplace: Sonora, New Mexico
Sais, Maria Figenia; 18 years old; female; Servant; Birthplace: New Mexico
Torres, Jose Carmelo; 21 years old; male; Laborer; $300 Real Property; $500 Personal Property; Birthplace: New Mexico
Torres, Jose Crespin; 11 years old; male; Birthplace: New Mexico

1860 New Mexico Census, Socorro, New Mexico, Socorro County, page no. 10. Transcribed by Virginia Grace. Copyright 2006. Retrieved 25 July 2007.

Juan Nepocumeno Baca is probably Juan Nepocumeno Garcia, Guadalupe's son from her first marriage. This census shows that the Baca's had five servants in their household, including children. Since slavery was allowed in New Mexico at this time and since Maria Rosalie and Sebastian had been in the Baca household for at least 15 years, it is most likely that these servants were actually slaves.

Crespin married Andreita Trujillo on 5 April 1869. At that time he moved out of his aunt Guadalupe's home.

NOTE: this post is not complete. I want to research the 1850 United States census to see where Crespin was living at that time.

24 JULY 2007

Trujillo family in 18th and 19th century censuses

Juan Antonio Trujillo married Maria Rosa Lucero (born circa 1747)on 26 November 1761 in Isleta, New Mexico. One of their sons was Juan Agustin Trujillo, my 5th great-grandfather. Juan Agustin married Lucia Montano. The record below shows only Rosa Lucero, widow of Juan Antonio Trujillo. She is described as "mestizo", or half Spanish, half Indian.

My Trujillo lineage ends with Juan Antonio. I have not discovered who his parents were.

1790 Spanish Census: Plaza No. 2 of Belen

Household 736

M(aria) Rosa Luzero, (mestizo), 43 (years old), widow; 2 sons: 15, 14.

Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, Inc. 1975, Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses of New Mexico: 1790, 1823, & 1845., (Olmsted, Virginia L., Translator and Compiler), p. 40.

Juan Agustin Trujillo was born circa 1761. His wife was Lucia Antonia de Jesus Montano, born on 15 June 1766 in Alburquerque, New Mexico. They were married on 14 March 1784 in Isleta, New Mexico. In the census record below he is described as "mestizo" or of mixed Spanish and Indian blood. His wife is described as Spanish. However, they also have and Indian nephew. One of their sons was Juan Antonio Trujillo, my 4th great-grandfather. Juan Antonio Trujillo married Maria Juliana Silva.

1790 Census: Plaza 2 of Belen (New Mexico)

Household # 737

Augustin TRUJILLO, (mestizo), 29 (years old), blacksmith; (married to) Lucia MONTANO, (Spanish), 18 (years old); 2 daughters: 2, 1; 1 nephew, (Indian): 15.

Albuquerque: New Mexico Genealogical Society, Inc. 1975, Spanish and Mexican Colonial Censuses of New Mexico: 1790, 1823, & 1845., (Olmsted, Virginia L., Translator and Compiler), p. 40.

Juan Antonio Trujillo, born circa 1795, married Maria Juliana Silva (born circa 1801) on 3 November 1813 in Tome, New Mexico. One of his sons was Jose Trujillo, my 3rd great-grandfather.Jose Trujillo married Maria Dolores Marquez.

1833 Mexican Census: San Miguel del Socorro (New Mexico)

(married) Juan Antonio TRUGILLO 38
Juliana SILVA 32
Ygnacio 16
Miguel 14
Maria Josefa 12
Maria Guadalupe 8
Ysabel 6
Santiago 4
Juana Maria 2

Ramirez Alief, Teresa, et al, New Mexico Census of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and Surrounding Communities of the Rio Abajo, (New Mexico Genealogical Society, Albuquerque, NM. 1994), pp. 3 & 4.

Jose Trujillo was born circa 1815. He married Maria Dolores Marquez (born circa 1824)on 15 March 1836 at San Miguel Church in Socorro, New Mexico. Jose and Maria Dolores Trujillo were the parents of Maria Andrea Trujillo, my 2nd great grandmother. Andrea Trujillo married Jose Crespin Torres on 5 April 1869 at the same church.

1845 Mexican Census: Socorro, New Mexico

Jose Trujillo, 28
Maria Dolores Marques, 18
Maria Josefa, 2
Jose Sandobal, 19

Ramirez Alief, Teresa, et al, New Mexico Census of 1833 and 1845: Socorro and Surrounding Communities of the Rio Abajo, (New Mexico Genealogical Society, Albuquerque, NM. 1994), p. 56.

1860 United States Census: Socorro, New Mexico

Enumerated on 22 June 1860.

Dwelling 56, Family 61

Jose Trujillo, 45, male, blacksmith, no stated value for real estate, $125 value of personal estate, born in New Mexico, cannot read or write.
Dolores Marquez, 35, female, New Mexico, born in New Mexico, cannot read or write
Julian Trujillo, 13, male, born in New Mexico, attending school within the year.
Atanacio Trujillo, 10, male, born in New Mexico
Maria Andrea Trujillo, 7, female, born in New Mexico
Manuel Trujillo, 4, male, born in New Mexico
Vitoriano Trujillo, 1, male, born in New Mexico
Agustina Ruis, 16, female, servant, born in New Mexico

Transcription: 1860 Federal Census: Socorro County, Socorro County, New Mexico Archives Project, USGenWeb, online, , p. 8, sheet 702. Retrieved on 29 March 2007.

Census records for Jose Trujillo and Dolores' Marquez' children.

1880 United States Census: Socorro, New Mexico

To view the transcripted census record for Crespin Torres and Andrea Trujillo click here

Below is the transcription of the census record for Julian Trujillo and Monica Padilla, which includes Julian's brother Rogerio. This record is a screen print from Retrieved on 24 July 2007.

Click image for larger view

Obituary and photo: Andreita Trujillo

Andreita Trujillo

Once again, my California cousin Maurine P. supplied me with the photograph above and the obituary below. I believe that the translator for this obituary is Patrick Moore.

Note: Andrea Torres’ obituary was published in 1926 on the front page of El Defensor del Pueblo, a newspaper published by A.C. Torres, a nephew of her husband Crespin. She was a midwife who delivered countless babies in the Socorro area. Although the obituary – written in a formal and florid manner – doesn’t mention that, it certainly hints at it when speaking of her caring and serving nature.

Mrs. Andreita T. de Torres
Died Tuesday in her
residence in this city

Mrs. Andreita T. de Torres, wife of Don Crispin Torres, who was prostrate after a short illness, gave her soul to the Great Creator of the Universe Tuesday – August 17 – at 6 in the afternoon in her residence in this city aided by the sacraments of the Holy Catholic Church of which she was a devoted member.

Mrs. Andreita was born the 8th of November 1853, her parents being Mr. José Trujillo and Doloritas Marquez (both happily remembered) in this community. At the time of her death, she was 72 years, 9 months and 9 days of age. In 1868,(sic) she married Mr. Crispin Torres with whom she lived an amiable, faithful and contented life for 58 years of her married life, from which 4 sons survive: Apolonio, Ignacio, José y Rogerio Torres, three daughters, Mrs. Domitila T. de Sanchez, widow of Dn. Moises Sanchez, Lola T. de Stapleton, wife of Dn. Vivian Stapleton and Lupe T. de Olguin, wife of Dn. Tomás Olguin, 24 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, also surviving is her husband Dn. Crispin Torres, a brother Rogerio Trujillo, a sister-in-law, Isabelita P. de Torres, four daughters-in-law, a large number of nieces and nephews and relatives immersed in deep sorrow.

Mrs. Andreita was an obedient and model daughter, and a faithful and constant wife, a tender and caring mother and grandmother, a neighbor and fellow citizen, who with detachment and love, with the intelligence of which she was gifted, served all who frequently sought help from her and she earned the caring of all those who knew her.

The funeral was carried out Wedneday at 2:30 p.m. beginning at the house of mourning, continuing the funeral procession to San Miguel and from there to the Catholic cemetery where before closing the grave our editor, nephew of the grieving husband, after manifesting thanks to the well-attended gathering and recital of the biography of the deceased in sorrowful phrases, presented Dn. Jose Antonio Torres, who with his accustomed oratory discoursed praises in emotional formal address.

The newspaper sends from the fervent heart of the editor the most deep condolences to his uncle, cousins and relatives imploring that soon the Almighty will cover with a cloak their consolation.


We give thanks through these columns to all who accompanied us during the sickness, the wake and funeral of our beloved wife and mother.

Crispin Torres and sons

Sra. Andreita T. de Torres
Falleció El Mártes En Su
Residencia de Este Ciudad

Sra. Andreita T. de Torres, esposa de Don Crispin (sic) Torres después de una emfermedad que la tuvo postrada poco tiempo entregó el alma al Creador del Universo el mártes – Agosto 17 – a las 6 de la tarde en su residencia en esta cuidad auxiliada por los sacramentos de la Santa Iglesia Católica de la que era miembro devoto.

Sra. Andreita nació el día 8 de Noviembre 1853, siendo los padres Sr. José Trujillo y Doloritas Marquez (ambos de feliz memoria) en esta comunidad. Al tiempo de su muerte tenía 72 años, 9 meses y 9 días de edad. En 1868, (sic) se casó con Sr. Crispin Torres con quien vivió una vida amable, fiel y contentamente los 58 años de su vida conyugal de cuyó matrimonio le sobreviven 4 hijos: Apolonio, Ignacio, José y Rogerio Torres, tres hijas, Sra. Domitila T. de Sanchez, Vda. de Dn. Moises Sanchez, Lola T. de Stapleton, esposa de Dn. Vivian Stapleton y Lupe T. de Olguin, esposa de Dn. Tomas Olguin, 24 nietos, 11 viznietos, también sobrevive su esposo Dn. Crispin Torres, un hermano, Rogerio Trujillo, una cuñada, Isabelita P. de Torres, cuatro nueras, un gran número de sobrinos y parientes sumidos en el más acerbo dolor.

Sra. Andreita, fue una hija obediente y modelo, y una esposa fiel y constante, una madre y abuela tierna y cariñoso, una vecina y prójimo, que con desapego y amor con su inteligensia, de la que fue dotada, sirvió a todos los que frecuentemente, recurririan a ella y se grangeó el cariño de todos los que la conocieron.

El funeral se verificó el miércoles a las 2:30 p.m. empezando de la casa del luto siguió un cortejo funebre a la iglesia de San Miguel y de allí al panteón católico donde antes de cubrir la fosa nuestro editor, sobrino de la afligi esposo, después de manifestar las gracias al concurridisimo acompañamiento y recitar la biografía de la extinta in patéticas frases, presentó a Dn. Jose Antonio Torres quien con su acosturbrada oratorio desertó el panegirico en emocionante alocución.

Esta redacción manda desde lo mas ferviente corozón de su editor de familiares el más profundo pésame a su tio, primos y familiares implorando que pronto el Todopoderoso les cubra con el manto del consuelo.

Damos las gracias por medio de estas columnas a todos lo que no acompañaron durante la enfermedad, velorio y funeral de nuestra querida esposa y madre.


El Defensor del Pueblo, Aug. 20, 1926. Page 1

Crespin Torres' obituary

My distant cousin Maurine P. of California sent me a jpeg of the front page of the 22 October 1937 issue of "El Defensor del Pueblo" newspaper. For this blog, I cropped Crespin Torres' obituary from that page into managable clippings.

At the time of publication, Crespin's nephew Anastacio Torres was the publisher and editor of the newspaper. A short biography of Anastacio can be found in this "El Defensor Chieftain" article

Below is the English translation and Spanish transcription of the obituary. Maurine informs me that the translator, our cousin Patrick Moore, is deceased. Although I never met Patrick, I would like to dedicate this post to him and his family.

Note: Crespin Torres’ obituary in 1937 appeared on the front page of the Socorro newspaper, El Defensor del Pueblo, which was published in Spanish from 1904 to about 1950. The newspaper’s editor was A.C. (Anastacio) Torres, Crespin’s nephew.

This obituary was translated by Patrick Moore, a great-grandson of Crespin’s.

Don Crespin Torres passed to
a better life Thursday
Funeral took place
today, Friday October 22

Yesterday, Thursday, October 21. At 5:30 A.M., the respectable, aged Crespin Torres passed away at the age of 90 years, after having been prostrate in bed for 20 days in the residence of his daughter Doloritas Stapleton, in this city.

Don Crespin Torres first saw the light of day October 25, 1847, in this community; he was four days shy of 90 years old. His parents were Anastacio Torres and Josefita Montoya (both happily remembered), descendants of the large Torres and Montoya families of this county and state where are found offspring of the old stock that came to the New World and colonized the continent.

Don Crespin Torres became an orphan at an early age. At 2 ½ his mother died and seven months later his father also died, and he lived with his grandfather Juan Montoya. From 5 to 13, he lived in the house of his first cousin, Hon. Candelario Garcia and later with his aunt Lupe Torres de Baca, where he lived until he married Senorita Andreita, daughter of Don Jose Trujillo and Doloritas de Trujillo, who preceded him to the grave by 11 years and two months and from whose marriange survived three sons: Apolonio, Ignacio and José T. Torres; four daughters-in-law; three daughters, Domitila T. Sanchez, Lola T. Stapleton (wife of Don Vivian Stapleton) and Lupita T. de Olguin (wife of Don Tomas Olguin); 27 grandchildren; 30 great-grandchildren: and 7 great-great-grandchildren, also a large number of nieces and nephews and relatives.

The deceased during his lifetime was a faithful and tender husband, an amiable and kind father, and a peaceful and respectable citizen.

Under the direction of Mr. H.S. Torres, director of the funeral home of this city, the funeral was carried out at 9:30 this morning, Oct. 22, from the house of his children Mr. Vivian Stapleton and Lola T. de Stapleton to San Miguel Church; from there to the Catholic cemetery, where before closing the grave, at the request of the mourners, Mr. J.A. Torres, Mr. A.C. Torres and Mr. R.B. Rivera pronounced the funeral prayer with sentimental and emotional words which touched the hearts of the crowd that listened around the grave.


Through these columns of El Defensor del Pueblo, we thank all those who accompanied us at the wake and funeral of our beloved father, Crespin Torres.

Lola T. de Stapleton, brothers and sisters

We send our most heartfelt condolences to our beloved Torres cousins and relatives, asking the Almighty to quickly send his consoling spirit.

A.C. Torres and family

Dn. Crespin Torres pasó a
mejor vida el jueves
en la mañana.
El funeral SeVerificó
Hoy Viernes Octubre 22

Ayer, Jueves Octubre 21 – a las 5:30 A.M., falleció el respetable anciano Crespin Torres, a la edad 90 años, después de haber estado postrado en cama por veinte días, en la residencia de hija Doloritas T. de Stapleton, en esta ciudad.

Dn. Crespin vió por primera vez la luz del día el 25 de Octubre 1847 en esta comunidad, cuatros días para los noventa años, habiendo sido sus padres Anastacio Torres y Josefita Montoya (ambos de feliz memoria) descendientes de las grandes familias Torres y Montoya de este condado y estado donde se encuentran vástajos de aquellas viejas cepas que vinieron al nuevo mundo y poblaron el continente.

Dn. Crespin Torres quedó huerfano de madre a los dos años y medio, siete meses después también murió su padre; y se quedó con su abuelito Juan Montoya, después de los cinco a las trece anos vivió en las casa de su rimohermano Hon. Candelario Garcia, y por última con su tia Lupe Torres de Baca que estuvo hasta que se casó en ese tiempo con Srita. Andreita, hija de Dn. Jose Trujillo y Doloritas de Trujillo, quien le presidió a la tum once años y los dos meses ha y de cuyo matrimonio les sobreviven tres hijos Apolonio, Ignacio y José T. Torres, y cuatro nueras, tres hijas Domitila T. Sanchez, Lola T. Stapleton, esposa de Dn. Vivian Stapleton, Lupita T. de Olguin, esposa de Dn. Tomas Olguin, 27 nietos, 30 viznietos, y siete tataranietos, también un gran número de sobrinos y parientes.

El extinto, durante su vida fué un esposo fiel y tierno; un padre amable y bondadoso, un ciudadano pacifico y respetable.

El funeral se verificó al las 9:30 esta mañana – Oct. 22 – bajo dirreción de Sr. H.S. Torres, director de empresa funereria de esta ciudad de las casa de sus hijos Sr. Vivian Stapleton y Lola T. de Stapleton a las iglesia de San Miguel, de allí al panteón Católico en donde antes de sellar la sepultura, por súplica de los dolientes; Sres. J.A. Torres, A.C. Torres y R.B. Rivera pronunciaron la oración funebre con fraces (sic) sentimentales y emocionantes que conmovieron a la muchedumbre que los escuchaban arrededor de la fosa.


Por medio de estas columnas de El Defensor del Pueblo, damos las gracias a todos las personas que nos acompañaron en la velada y funeral de nuestro querido padre Crespin Torres.

Lola T. Stapleton, hermanos y hermanas.

Mandamos nuestras más sentidas condolencias de nuestros queridos primos Torres y deudos pidiendo al Omnipotente pronto les mande su espiritu consalador.

A.C. Torres y familia.

El Defensor del Pueblo, Oct. 22, 1937. Page 1

Click on the clippings below for a large view of them:

A good reason to have a genealogy blog....

You may have noticed recently that I have been posting a lot of information about the Torres family. This is because I have been receiving a plethora of info from my cousin Maurine in California. A few weeks ago, I didn't even know she existed. Now because she found me through my blog, I have contact with a part of my family that was "missing". (Actually, I'm not sure which side was missing - them or us.) This is one of many good reasons to have a blog like this.

Fifteen years ago, the Torres' in California had a reunion. They tried to find our family then, but to no avail. Now if we ever decide to do another reunion, we know how to contact each other.

20 JULY 2007

Crespin Torres' brother Canuto - 1880 census

Once again, here is a screen shot from This is the family of Crespin Torres' brother Canuto Torres.

According to Dr. Eugene Luis Torres' book "In Search of El Torres: Hijos de Reconquistadores" (1994), Canuto was a sargent in the Union army during the Civil War. He was in New Mexico Company E, 2nd Regiment from Valencia County (Captain Ramon Baca's company.) Also from the book, it is noted that Canuto's son Anastacio was a former state representative and senator, teacher, newspaper publisher and editor (of the "El Defensor del Pueblo".)

For a larger view of this record, click on the picture.

19 JULY 2007

Crespin Torres and Andreita Trujillo's Children

Domitila Torres (Jan. 13, 1870-June 3, 1952)
married Moises Sanchez
Gave birth to at least 13 children
Seven children lived to adulthood: Marcelina, Francisco, Victoriano, Crespin, José, Monica and Enrique

(Not pictured)
Monica Torres (born 1872) Died in her early 20s
married David Montoya in 1887
One son: Juan Jose

Apolonio Torres (born 1873)
married Aurora Tarin in 1900
Six children: Luis, Maximiliano, Johnny, Nestor, Josefina, and Clarence.

Ignacio Torres (1875-1950)

Married Andrea Montoya on 30 November 1906

Andrea had one child from a previous marriage: Manuelita Marquez

Ignacio and Andrea had four children: José, Teresita, Maggie and Anastacio.

Jose Torres (Oct. 5, 1881-Feb. 11, 1959)

met and married Josefa "Josie" Armijo in Albuquerque

Josefa Armijo had a child from a previous marriage: Benny Lubbon

Jose and Josefa had six children: Esther, Santiago, Santos, Dolores, Bob and Audrey

Dolores (Lola) Torres (July 15, 1885-Dec. 27, 1952)

Married Vivian Stapleton when they were both 36 years old.

They did not have any children.

Rogerio Torres (Dec. 8, 1887-Nov. 26,1934)

Married Clara McCullough de Sanchez.

She had four children from a previous marriage: Annie, Clarita, Frances and Adelita.

Rogerio and Clara had three children: Annie, Susie and Roger Jr.

Guadalupe (Lupe) Torres (Oct. 4, 1890-Feb. 27, 1981)

Guadalupe married twice: Jose Gallegos and Tomas Olguin

She did not have any children with Jose Gallegos

Tomas Olguin had three children from a previous marriage: Tersila, Rosela and José de la Cruz

Tomas and Lupe had two children together: Tommy and Crespiano, aka "Kippy."

Photographs supplied by Maurine Pool.

Reference: "The Torres Family" by Maurine Pool. Written for the Torres Reunion in April 1992.

Crespin Torres Family in 1880 NM census

Below is a screen print from the 1880 U.S. Census search. Click on the picture below to get a clearer view of the Crespin Torres family census record from 1880 Socorro, NM.

01 JUNE 2007

High School graduation - 21 years ago

Robert C. Baca and Robert J. Baca, San Miguel parking lot May 1986

This year, I finally received a BA in Education. I hope to be teaching social studies next year. UPDATE: I got a position at a Navajo school as an English teacher. Go figure!

However, 21 years ago I graduated from Socorro High School in Socorro New Mexico. The picture above is of me and my late father Robert C. Baca at a graduation ceremony held by the San Miguel Church in Socorro. Class of '86 rocks!

By the way, where did all my long dark hair go?

29 MAY 2007

Crespin Torres' Death Certificate

Crespin Torres, my 2nd Great Grandfather

This is the Crespin Torres, father of my great-grandfather Ignacio Torres. I've always liked this photo. He looks like a very rugged individual. I think I've inherited some of my looks from him - I have the Torres nose.

Crespin was born on 25 October 1847 to Anastacio Torres and Josefa Montoya. He married Andrea Trujillo on 5 April 1869. She preceded him to the grave. According to this certificate, Crespin died a few days before his 90th birthday on 21 October 1937 of gangrene caused by diabites.

Crespin Torres' Certificate of Death (click on photo to get a larger picture)

Source: Death Certificate, #5335. New Mexico. County of Socorro.

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