Saturday, February 6, 2010

José and Josie Torres

About 1918, José and Josie (Armijo) Torres moved to California from New Mexico.
They had some relatives already living in California.
José and Josie lived in Needles, California, a few years before settling in Fresno.
The couple had met and married in 1912 and remarried in 1914 at Sacred Heart Church in Albuquerque.
José worked for the Santa Fe Railroad.
They raised Esther, Santos, Dolores, Bob and Audrey. A son named Santiago died at 1-month-old on a visit to Socorro to be baptized. The baby was buried at San Miguel Catholic Cemetery, where family members remember placing a wooden cross made by half-brother Benny years later.
The family sometimes visited relatives in New Mexico by train.
And they frequently visited Los Angeles to see their Sanchez cousins. José's sister, Domitila Sanchez, and many of her descendants lived in L.A.
José and Josie are buried at Calvary Cemetery in Los Angeles.
The above picture was taken about 1951.

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