Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Dear Matriarch Andrea Torres

Born about 1854, Maria Andrea (Trujillo) Torres became a midwife and nurse in the community of Socorro, N.M. Her obituary doesn't specifically say that she was a midwife, but it did say: "She served all who frequently sought help from her and she earned the caring of all those who knew her." (See her obituary in an earlier blog entry and at Robert Baca's blog.) Esther Pool, 91, remembers her grandmother's funeral in 1926 and looking back from a seat in a Model T at a long, long line of mourners walking from the church to the cemetery. Seems she was a pretty well-respected lady from the respected Trujillo family.
Andrea's parents were Jose Trujillo and Maria Dolores Marquez, who married in 1837 in Socorro.
We don't have Andrea's baptismal record (yet). She married Crespin Torres in 1869 at San Miguel Catholic Church in Socorro. They raised Domitila, Monica, Apolonio, Ignacio, Jose, Dolores, Rogerio and Guadalupe.
As with many women in the family, she was usually addressed with the endearing "-ita" at the end of her name.
Wish we had more pictures of our dear matriarch.

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