Sunday, April 11, 2010

Dolores and Vivian Stapleton

Dolores Torres married Vivian Stapleton, a butcher and partner in a Socorro general store. Vivian’s father was Edward S. Stapleton, who established the Socorro business. His grandparents were Robert H. and Pabla (Baca) Stapleton. Irish-born Robert served in the U.S. Army. See a little more information about the Stapleton families from an online excerpt of a 1907 “History of New Mexico, Vol. 2, Page 623.”
Dolores and Vivian married Feb. 19, 1920 and lived at 321 Mt. Carmel. Next to their house was a barn-like building where Vivian raised chickens and a kept a couple of cows.
Their home was three doors down from Crespin and Andreita’s homeplace. Papa Crespin was living in his daughter Dolores’ home at the time of his death in 1937.
Dolores and Vivian never had children.
Nieces and nephews who remember Aunt Lola say she was neat and precise, and kept an immaculate house. Her home was filled with nice furniture, including a piano.
Upon Lola's death on Dec. 27, 1952, Vivian was quoted in an obituary as saying: "I believed that as she lived, quick and busy, but always generous and kindly, she died, without making too much of a fuss for me and those around her."

See Vivian Stapleton and Edward Stapleton houses in a brochure: “City of Socorro Historic Walking Tour,” Page 6

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