Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dying Young - and Old

  • Andreita (Montoya) Torres' daughter Manuelita (Marquez) Baca died 11-3-1941 at age 40. Meanwhile, Manuelita’s grandmother on the Marquez side lived to be 105! Juana (Lucero) Marquez’ death certificate is dated 2-27-1933. As for Andreita? She didn’t match her first mother-in-law, but she made it to the age of 90 71. She died Aug. 9, 1926 7-9-1974.
  • {Age and date were corrected)
  • Rogerio Torres, youngest son of Crespin and Andreita, also died young. He was 46 when he died 11-26-1934. Pneumonia was the cause of death for the man who had lost a leg in an accident earlier in life.
  • Crespin Torres was just four days away from his 90th birthday when he died 11-21-1937.

    Anybody know some others who enjoyed a long and fruitful life? Or those who expired much too soon?

    Order death certificates of New Mexico family members who died in the first half of the 20th century at the New Mexico Death Index Project.

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