Wednesday, May 5, 2010

5 (or 4) Generations of Mothers

This picture spans five generations. Seated is Domitila Sanchez, known by many as Mama Tila. With her are her granddaughter Andreita (Luna) Gonzales, Andreita’s daughter, Marcie, and Marcie’s daughter, Ernestine. Who’s missing? The oldest daughter of Domitila’s and the mother of Andreita was named Marcelina (Sanchez) Luna. She died young.

Mama Tila married Moises Sanchez in 1884 at age 14. He died in 1921 in Socorro. Their living children were: Marcelina, Francisco, Victoriano, Crespin, José, Monica and Enrique. Mama Tila died in 1952 in Los Angeles.

One of her granddaughters shared this: Mama Tila used to sew and make beautiful dresses. She also crocheted and made quilts that twice won county fair competitions. She liked reading, politics and dancing. And once, when she was a girl in Socorro, she danced with none other than Billy the Kid.

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