Sunday, May 30, 2010

Piedad (Baca) Torres - A Trusted Soul

Piedad Baca Torres was born July 30, 1921, in Socorro, New Mexico, to Max and Lidia Baca. At age 18, she married Anastacio Torres – who was born January 5, 1921, and was the son of Ignacio Torres, who was known to the grandchildren as “Papanacio” and Andreita (Montoya) Torres, known to her grandchildren as “Mamaita.”

Piedad went on to become the mother of eight: Rosemary (Baca Torres) Mora; Piedad (Baca Torres) Aragon, AKA “Sister”; Anastacio “Nash” Torres Jr., AKA “Brother”; Andrew Torres; Lydia (Baca Torres) Lares; Maryagnes “Mickey” (Baca Torres) Chavez; Loraine (Baca Torres) Harding; and Lawrence Torres.

Piedad and Anastacio moved to San Francisco in 1942 and lived there from 1942 to 1944. Lydia, or Lila, and Andrew were born there. Anastacio worked in the ship yards and Piedad worked as a homemaker.

Piedad left San Francisco with the children and Anastacio soon followed back to Socorro, where he went to work as a day laborer while learning the painting trade. Piedad and Anastacio moved to Albuquerque, where his brother Joe lived, with a promise of a job as an apprentice painter. While he worked as a painter, Piedad worked for Jill's Bakery for over 15 years, then moved on to work for the APS school system until retirement.

Piedad was one individual who could keep a secret, no matter. If she could not say something good about someone, it was left unsaid. Although her life was hard, she made the best of it by living it one day at a time and making the best of it. When Anastacio died, Piedad went on to marry Salvador Montez. In her later years she was beset with Parkinson's disease and with a very unyielding case of rheumatoid arthritis. Piedad died at the age of 73 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with her children at her bedside.

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