Thursday, June 10, 2010

Crespin's Aunt Guadalupe

Plaque at San Miguel Catholic church of Aunt Guadalupe
Maria Guadalupe Torres, well-known in the community of Socorro, married twice. She and husband No. 2 Pedro Baca graciously took in her nephew Crespin (and his brother Canuto) when they were young men. Crespin and his siblings seemed to have scattered after their parents died.

Guadalupe’s first husband was Francisco Garcia. One of their children was Candelario Garcia, a one-time U.S. Army lieutenant and local political leader.

Guadalupe and her second husband– as you’ll see in the census below – had means. Their personal household value in 1860 was $17,000, plus $2,000 in real estate. He was a merchant, farmer and judge.

As community and church leaders, Guadalupe and Pedro each have plaques erected to them on the sides of San Miguel Catholic Church in Socorro. Her plaque is pictured, above.

Cousin Robert Baca looked into the matter on his blog a couple of years ago and found Guadalupe with husbands No. 1 and No. 2 in 1833 and 1845 Mexican censuses of Socorro.

See Guadalupe's obituary here.

Image below is 1860 U.S. Census.

Source: 1860 U.S. Census: Socorro, N.M.; Roll M653_714; Page: 704; Image: 348 via

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  1. Thanks, Maurine, for this article. As I mentioned in my blog, not only was Maria Guadalupe Torres the aunt of my 2nd great-grandfather, who took in Crespin and his brother when they were children, but she was also my 4th great-grandmother on my mother's side with her 1st husband Francisco Garcia. I did a presentation about her once, and wrote about her in the June 2009 issue of The New Mexico Genealogist. Fascinating woman.