Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Puzzle 2

Starting at the top, left to right:
  • Francisco Sanchez, age 32 in 1919, stands next to his wife Maria Lueras. They later moved to California, where most of the families of their children live.
  • Rogerio Torres, 31, son of Crespin and Andreita, in 1922 married widow Clara (Sanchez) McCullough. They lived in Socorro with seven children. He died in Socorro at age 46.
  • Crespin Sanchez, about age 18, later married Feliz Galindo and they raised two sons in Los Angeles.
  • Lupe Olguin, at the time of this photo, was the 28-year-old widow of Jose Gallegos. In 1920, she will marry Tomas Olguin and they will live on a ranch in Val Verde outside of Socorro with five kids. She died at age 90 in Socorro.
  • Lola Torres, 33, will also marry within the year. She will wed Vivian Stapleton and spend her life in Socorro.
  • Baby Victor is about 6 months old here. He’s the son of Victor Sanchez and is being held by his mother Balbina. Victor only lived to be a teen-ager.
  • Balbina, 24, first wife of Victor Sanchez, died at age 49 in Albuquerque. She and husband Victor had seven children together.
  • Manuelita Marquez was the first daughter of Andreita Montoya, who had married Miguel Marquez before she married Ignacio Torres. Manuelita, almost 18 here, later married Pantaleon Baca and died at age 40 in Socorro.
  • Crespin, 72
  • Monica Sanchez, 12 (more on her in next Family Puzzle)
  • Andreita, 65
  • Crespin and Andreita’s eldest daughter Domitila Sanchez, 49. After she was widowed, she moved to Los Angeles. (Grandson Frank Sanchez Jr. is in front of her – more on him in the next post).
  • Aurora (Tarin) Torres, 34, wife of Apolonio. She died in Los Angeles in 1944.
  • Andreita (Montoya) Torres, 35, wife of Ignacio. She died in 1974 in Albuquerque.

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