Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Puzzle 3

Children, top row from left to right, in front of Crespin, Andreita and the other adults:
  • Monica Sanchez, 12, married Ben Lubbon in Los Angeles in 1929. They raised three children.
  • Teresita Torres, age 7, Ignacio’s and Andreita’s daughter, married Robert Baca. They raised five children and lived their lives in Socorro.
  • Frank Sanchez Jr., age 5, married Marina Loya and Ernestine Whatley. The families from Frank’s line mostly live in California.

    Front row, left to right:
  • Max Torres, 15, son of Apolonio and Aurora, served in the Army and married Rita Chavez. They lived in Los Angeles.
  • Jose Torres, almost 12, son of Ignacio and Andreita, will later marry Tomasita Rivera. They will raise four children in Albuquerque.
  • Enrique Sanchez, about 10, youngest child of Domitila and Moises, moved to Los Angeles and lived the rest of his life there. He married twice.
  • Johnny Torres, about 11, is the son of Apolonio and Aurora.
  • Nestor Torres, 7, son of Apolonio and Aurora, married Lupe Zimmerly, daughter of Estevan and Adelfina T. Zimmerly, in Socorro in 1935. Likely remarried.

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