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Early Socorro Marriages

The town of Socorro was founded as early as 1598 near El Camino Real and was resettled by Spanish families in the early 1800s. A group of residents in the town of Belen -- a community between Albuquerque and Socorro -- petitioned the crown for land in the area of Socorro around 1817. By 1833, the census listed more than 400 residents in the village of Socorro.

Read about Belen, Socorro and more at Robert Baca's "A Genealogy of a New Mexico Torres Family."

Among couples getting married in Socorro in the 1830s were the parents of Crespin and Andreita.

Anastacio Torres and Maria Josefa Montoya married in 1835 and had several children before Crespin. Jose Trujillo and Doloritas Marques married in 1837 and had two sons before Andreita.

Below are copies of those records from San Miguel Catholic Church. Essentially, the Spanish-language documents identify the couple and their parents/or earlier spouse and give the marriage date. The ledger entries aren't that easy to read. Note some shortened forms, such as Eno for Enero, Ma for Maria and lego for legitimo.

  • On January 20, 1835, the parish priest for San Miguel Catholic Church married Jose Anastacio Torres, son of Santiago Torres and Maria Barbara Ortiz, to Maria Josefa Montoya, widow of Antonio Chaves.

  • The priest on March 15, 1837, married Jose Trujillo, son of Juan Antonio Trujillo and Maria Juliana Silva, to Maria Dolores Marques, daughter of Antonio Marques and Maria Loreta Vigil.

Sources: Copies of microfilmed records: San Miguel Catholic Church, Socorro, N.M. Marriages; Family History Library Film 16996
Also, "San Miguel del Socorro Marriage Records, 1821-1853," Joe Sanchez III, extractor; Antoinette Duran Silva, Ed. (Independently Published. Whittier CA, 1999). (Yes, Joe Sanchez III is related)

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