Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blended Families

Ignacio Torres and José T. Torres each had a stepchild in addition to their own kids. Here are two older photos representing the children. The first was taken in Socorro about 1917 and the second was taken in Los Angeles about 1942.
  • Ignacio's stepdaughter Manuelita Marquez holds baby Margarita. Teresita and José stand beside them. Manuelita later married Panteleon Baca. (Brother Anastacio was not yet born).

  • Children of José Torres (no, not the José in the other picture) are Santos, Esther and Dolores posing with their half-brother Ben Lubbon, right, and Ben's youngest daughter, Patricia. Ben was married to Monica Sanchez, the first cousin of his half-siblings. (Siblings not pictured are Robert and Audrey).

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