Thursday, November 25, 2010

A Double Wedding

Family lore or cold, hard facts? Which is more important? Both are needed to help fill in all the pieces of any family puzzle. Here’s a story passed down about a double wedding that wasn’t entirely borne out by the records. Family was told that José and Josie Torres married in a double wedding ceremony with José’s nephew Francisco and his wife Maria. It’s true Jose was best man at that Nov. 25, 1912 church wedding in Albuquerque, but José did not marry his bride until three days later in a civil ceremony. Close, but not a double wedding.

Much later, research turns to a different church – Sacred Heart Church which had been established in downtown Albuquerque in 1903. That’s where José and Josie finally had their church wedding on July 6, 1914. The witnesses to their marriage that day were a Trujillo couple, and the Trujillo couple’s witnesses were José and Josie. Yes, there was a double wedding!
Note: Pedro Trujillo is son of Atanacio, a brother of Andreita (Trujillo) Torres. Pedro was Jose’s first cousin.

Source: Sacred Heart Catholic Church, Albuquerque, N.M., Marriages, Family History Library Film 16632, Pg. 79.

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