Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Even More Marriages

Before and after the turn of the 20th century, Crespin and Andreita’s oldest children were marrying at San Miguel Church in Socorro, New Mexico. Monica’s marriage record is in the previous post.

  • Before Monica married, Domitila married Moises Sanchez on Feb. 13, 1884. Their family lived in Socorro until at least 1921, when Moises died. Domitila and had two teen-age children still living at home and moved to Los Angeles. The marriage record states that Moises is the son of Francisco Sanchez and Marcelina Padia. Witnesses were Charles Adelman and Griselda Gutierrez.

  • Apolonio Torres married Aurora Tarin on April 30, 1900. According to her 1944 obituary in Los Angeles, California, Apolonio survived his wife. The marriage record states that she is the daughter of Leonidez Tarin and Luisa Trujillo. Witnesses were Moses Trujillo and Telesfora Chavez.
    NOTE: Moises was a first cousin and Telesfora, an aunt by marriage. They’re a son and the wife of Atanacio Trujillo.

  • Ignacio Torres married a widow, Andreita Marquez, on Aug. 25, 1906. She had married her first husband, Miguel Marquez, on Aug. 18, 1900; she outlived Ignacio by 24 years. The Ignacio-Andreita marriage record states that her parents were Casimiro Montoya and Manuela Abeyta. Witnesses were Ignacio's brother and sister-in-law, Apolonio Torres and Aurora Tarin.

    Sources: San Miguel Catholic Church, Socorro, N.M., Marriages, Family History Library Film 16997, Pg. 32, Pg. 267 and Pg. 323, respectively

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