Sunday, July 25, 2010

Family Puzzle 3

Children, top row from left to right, in front of Crespin, Andreita and the other adults:
  • Monica Sanchez, 12, married Ben Lubbon in Los Angeles in 1929. They raised three children.
  • Teresita Torres, age 7, Ignacio’s and Andreita’s daughter, married Robert Baca. They raised five children and lived their lives in Socorro.
  • Frank Sanchez Jr., age 5, married Marina Loya and Ernestine Whatley. The families from Frank’s line mostly live in California.

    Front row, left to right:
  • Max Torres, 15, son of Apolonio and Aurora, served in the Army and married Rita Chavez. They lived in Los Angeles.
  • Jose Torres, almost 12, son of Ignacio and Andreita, will later marry Tomasita Rivera. They will raise four children in Albuquerque.
  • Enrique Sanchez, about 10, youngest child of Domitila and Moises, moved to Los Angeles and lived the rest of his life there. He married twice.
  • Johnny Torres, about 11, is the son of Apolonio and Aurora.
  • Nestor Torres, 7, son of Apolonio and Aurora, married Lupe Zimmerly, daughter of Estevan and Adelfina T. Zimmerly, in Socorro in 1935. Likely remarried.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Puzzle 2

Starting at the top, left to right:
  • Francisco Sanchez, age 32 in 1919, stands next to his wife Maria Lueras. They later moved to California, where most of the families of their children live.
  • Rogerio Torres, 31, son of Crespin and Andreita, in 1922 married widow Clara (Sanchez) McCullough. They lived in Socorro with seven children. He died in Socorro at age 46.
  • Crespin Sanchez, about age 18, later married Feliz Galindo and they raised two sons in Los Angeles.
  • Lupe Olguin, at the time of this photo, was the 28-year-old widow of Jose Gallegos. In 1920, she will marry Tomas Olguin and they will live on a ranch in Val Verde outside of Socorro with five kids. She died at age 90 in Socorro.
  • Lola Torres, 33, will also marry within the year. She will wed Vivian Stapleton and spend her life in Socorro.
  • Baby Victor is about 6 months old here. He’s the son of Victor Sanchez and is being held by his mother Balbina. Victor only lived to be a teen-ager.
  • Balbina, 24, first wife of Victor Sanchez, died at age 49 in Albuquerque. She and husband Victor had seven children together.
  • Manuelita Marquez was the first daughter of Andreita Montoya, who had married Miguel Marquez before she married Ignacio Torres. Manuelita, almost 18 here, later married Pantaleon Baca and died at age 40 in Socorro.
  • Crespin, 72
  • Monica Sanchez, 12 (more on her in next Family Puzzle)
  • Andreita, 65
  • Crespin and Andreita’s eldest daughter Domitila Sanchez, 49. After she was widowed, she moved to Los Angeles. (Grandson Frank Sanchez Jr. is in front of her – more on him in the next post).
  • Aurora (Tarin) Torres, 34, wife of Apolonio. She died in Los Angeles in 1944.
  • Andreita (Montoya) Torres, 35, wife of Ignacio. She died in 1974 in Albuquerque.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Family Puzzle 1

Starting top, left to right:
  • Joe Sanchez, about 16 here in early 1919, served in the Army, married Patsy Padilla, and raised two children in Los Angeles. His parents are Moises and Domitila Sanchez.
  • Luis Torres, 17, son of Apolonio and Aurora Torres, married Petrita Naranjo, of Reserve, N.M., in 1936 in Socorro. He probably remarried and died in Los Angeles.
  • Juan Jose Montoya, 22, son of deceased Monica Montoya, served in the Army, married Sara Sanchez of Tucson in 1920 and raised three sons. The family ended up in Los Angeles.
  • Baby Marcelina Sanchez, a 2-year-old held by dad Victor, grew up and married James Chiado. She had 3 daughters and spent her life in Albuquerque.
  • Victor Sanchez, 26, son of Moises and Domitila, was married to Balbina Palladini and later Charlotte Paiz. Many of their children’s families live in Albuquerque and some in California.
  • Ignacio Torres, age 43, is a son of Crespin and Andreita. He married widow Andreita (Montoya) Marquez. They are buried at San Miguel Catholic Cemetery in Socorro. Another child would be born to them the following year.
  • Ignacio’s 2-year-old daughter, Margarita, grew up in Socorro and married Atanacio Lujan. They raised five sons.
  • Apolonio Torres, age 45, is the eldest son of Crespin and Andreita.
  • Josefina, 4, daughter of Apolonio, later married Clemente Diaz. Her family lived in Los Angeles.
  • Baby Clarence, not yet 2 years old here, is also Apolonio's son. He moved to Los Angeles and died there at age 52. He had two sons.
  • Moises Sanchez, age 70, spouse of Domitila, died in Socorro in 1921.
  • Al Sanchez, age 4, in front of his granddad, is the oldest son of Francisco and Maria. Al lived most of his life in the Los Angeles area with his family.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Zooming in on Family

Take a look at this photo taken in April 1919 at Crespin and Andreita’s 50th wedding celebration in Socorro, N.M. Think about the number of people who are descended from the people in this photo. All of those pictured are now dead, but all of us reading this blog are probably their grandchildren or great-grandchildren, or related in some way. In the next three posts, we’ll zoom in on a few at a time and tell a little about each individual. Family elders (and some records) provide the information.