Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sanchez Siblings

Domitila and Moises Sanchez had seven children who grew to adulthood. Their descendants live all over the country, but mostly in California and New Mexico. These Sanchez siblings were born between 1885 and 1909. All of this generation has passed on, though these siblings still have some living first cousins. And they have left behind hundreds of descendants.

In order, they are: Marcelina Luna, Francisco Sanchez, Victoriano Sanchez, Crespin Sanchez, Joe Sanchez, Monica Lubbon and Henry Sanchez.


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  2. Domitila (Torres)Sanchez is my maternal Great-Great Grandmother on my father's side. She is the mother of Marcelina (Sanchez) Luna, who is the mother of Andreita (Luna) Gonzales who is the mother of my father, Albert Gonzales. He is 83 years old and he is living in Southern California.