Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Did You Know?

  • Rogerio Torres married a widow, Clara McCullough de Sanchez, in 1922. They raised three children and stepchildren from her marriage to Juan McCullough. Clara's father was Abran Sanchez, a brother of Moises Sanchez, who was Domitila (Torres) Sanchez's husband.

  • José T. Torres’ godparents were the parents of his sister Lupe’s second husband, Tomas Olguin. José was born in 1881, and the godparents were Evarista and José de la Cruz Olguin.

  • A child born to Ignacio and Andreita Torres died and was buried in Socorro in March 1916. His name was David Casimiro Torres. Andreita’s father was named Casimiro Montoya.

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