Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dowry Dispute Addenda

An article in the publication “Herencia” fleshes out the story of Doña Eduarda Yturrieta. Writer Francisco Sisneros read the 16-page report in the Spanish Archives of New Mexico and learned many more details about the dowry dispute in 1751.
Among his findings:

  • The proceeding concerned the dowry promised by Don Nicolás Durán y Cháves, Eduarda’s father-in-law. Apparently, he promised in writing on April 15, 1747, that he would give livestock and a choice piece of land near Belen to the newlyweds. That was one week before they married and about four years before Luís died. The letter was missing at the time of the 1751 depositions.

  • Eduarda had initially given power of attorney to her brother, José Mariano, but he apparently was paid off by Don Nicolás and went away to Zuñi, far north of Albuquerque, on urgent business. In a deposition, he said that he was satisfied that Don Nicolás had acted properly. If Eduarda leaned on anyone at this time, it would have been her step-grandfather, José Tenorio (her father apparently had dropped out the picture).

  • Don Nicolás said he had already given many gifts to the couple, listing numerous items such as: arms, a saddle, clothing, mattresses, etc.

  • By Oct. 15, 1751, the depositions were collected. Gov. Vélez Cachupín decided in Eduarda’s favor. She was to receive 730 pesos of livestock and land, as specified in the original dowry.

Another interesting fact in Sisneros’ article was that Luís died in late 1750 or early 1751 “after a prolonged infirmity, the result of an infectious wound from an arrow taken while on an Indian campaign.”

Source: “The Genealogy and Dowry of Doña Eduarda Yturrieta.” By Francisco Sisneros. “Herencia.” Volume 13, Issue 1, January 2005. Pgs. 32-39.
"Herencia" is a quarterly journal of the Hispanic Genealogical Research Center of New Mexico.

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