Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Should Play Crespin in the Movie?

Let’s have some fun. If we were to make a movie out of Crespin’s life (and no, there is not a script in the works), who should play him? To get the ball rolling, we checked out facial recognition software used by After uploading this picture of Crespin, these are celebrities in the myheritage database who looked like him.
Some matches included:

  • Tim Roth: That guy in “Lie to Me” who has played villains in many movies – a bit too scary.

  • Dennis Hopper: Way too scary – and dead.

  • John Travolta: He’s playing John Gotti now. Again, whoever plays Crespin should not have a villainous vibe.

  • Christopher Lambert: He was in “Mortal Kombat” and “Highlander” movies and even a few French flicks early on. Not that well-known, so maybe he’s a good pick.

  • Bono: The U2 singer? Too busy with the troubled Broadway version of "Spider-Man." Maybe when that closes, he could turn to "Crespin: The Musical."

    Of course good actors don’t have to look and sound like the individuals they portray (there’s debate whether these guys look like Crespin anyhow). So who would YOU like to see play Crespin Torres?
    Note: Scanning Crespin's spouse Andreita’s photo yielded limited results, but there were matches for Avril Lavigne and Tim Roth!

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