Wednesday, July 6, 2011

2 Babies

We haven’t yet mentioned on this blog that Crespin and Andreita had other children. In the 1900 census, the couple reported that they had 12 children but only 7 were living (Their grown daughter Monica had recently died). Here are baptismal records and proof of 2 babies – one born between José and Ignacio and one born after Guadalupe.
As the records state:

  • Severo Torres, legitimate son of Crispin (sic) Torres and Andrea Trujillo of Socorro, single, was baptized December 24, 1877 – six days after his birth – by priest B[enito] Bernard. This baby had died before the 1880 census, which was taken in the month of June. His godparents at the time of his baptism were Severo Baca and his wife, Josefa Jaramillo. (Severo Baca was a son of Crespin’s aunt Guadalupe Baca. Crespin lived in their household in 1860 when Severo was 13 and Crespin was 11. ) Click on the first image above, and look at Entry 4 on the right-side page to see Severo's baptimal information at San Miguel Church.

  • Encarnacion Torres, legitimate daughter of Crespin Torres and Andrea Trujillo, single, was baptized by the priest Edu[ardo] Paulhan “el dia 22 de Abril A.D. 1894” but born “el dia 19 del presente)” (Look for yourself; it’s Entry 3 of the second image above). Encarnacion died before the 1900 census. Her padrinos were Emilia Stapleton (a granddaughter of Guadalupe Baca) and her husband, Abran Abeyta. This couple had an 11-year-old daughter at that time, who was named Encarnacion Abeyta.

Sources: Family History Library Roll 16994, San Miguel Catholic Church, Socorro, New Mexico. Pg 273 and Pg. 254. Same roll but separate books of church ledger

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