Monday, August 8, 2011

Monica Montoya Mystery

When was the death of Monica (Torres) Montoya – the second child of Crespin and Andreita? Family stories say Monica died in childbirth, leaving behind a son, Juan José. Could she have died in childbirth with Tomasa, who was born Jan. 6, 1899? Neither Tomasa nor Monica appears in the June 1900 census. Death/burial records for Tomasa and Monica cannot be found. Here are a few key facts:

  • A child was born to Monica’s sister, Domitila, in May of 1899. She was named Monica – perhaps after her deceased sister? If Monica had been alive, she would likely have been the godmother. That baby’s godparents were Apolonio Torres, a brother who was not yet married, and Francisca Luna.

  • In the June 1900 census, Monica’s husband David, 30, was listed as a widower in a Socorro household, and the couple’s 3-year-old son, Juan José, was living in the household of his grandparents (his godparents, too) Crespin and Andreita. No mention of Tomasa anywhere.

  • As for Monica’s birth, her baptismal record says her full name is Maria Josefa Monica Juliana Torres. She was born Sept., 21, 1871, and baptized a day later. Her godparents were Juan Julian Trujillo and his wife Monica Padilla.

  • Thanks to Montoya cousins for information and photo. The picture of Monica, David and Juan José was taken in 1896.

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