Thursday, September 29, 2011

Name Alternatives

In her introduction to “Spanish and Mexican Censuses of New Mexico 1750 to 1830,” translator and compiler Virginia Langham Olmstead includes some examples of abbreviated names, such and Anto for Antonio and Ma for Maria. (The padres’ hands must have cramped from writing so many long names or more likely parchment was an expensive and scarce resource). The index in her book and her 1790 census transcription also shows numerous alternative spellings of surnames. One example is Trujillo, Trugillo and Truxillo. Names were transcribed with archaic and phonetic spellings.
This is good to know when doing Hispanic family research.

Look at this snippet from her book introduction to help understand the listings from the 1790 Spanish census in the previous blog post. Click on it to enlarge.

Source: “Spanish and Mexican Censuses of New Mexico 1750 to 1830.” Compiled by Virginia Langham Olmsted, C.G. Pg. 10 and 11.

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