Tuesday, October 25, 2011

4 Torres Siblings

Ignacio Torres and his wife Andreita had four children born between 1907 and 1920. All of these siblings have died, although some of their first cousins are still living. The families from Ignacio’s line live in New Mexico and California. The siblings are, in order of age, Jose, or Joe, Torres, pictured here with sister, Teresita Baca; Margarita Lujan; and Anastacio Torres.

Dad Ignacio was born Oct. 25, 1875 and died March 18, 1950.

Papa Crespin's birthday was Oct. 25, as well. Click HERE to see a discussion of his birth and baptismal dates.

See the children of Domitila Sanchez by clicking HERE.

Thanks to the families in Ignacio's line for sharing photos.

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