Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Original Photo by Huntzinger Studios

A cleaned-up, cropped photo from the early 1900s has been in circulation for years of this family group. Some of our families may even have a version of this photo with the top two people cut out of it. (The story is that Domitila, top right, didn’t like herself in the photo).

But here’s the tattered and worn original. Or at the least the only copy we know of the original.

It was pasted onto a card by Huntzinger of Albuquerque N.M. This raises questions: Who and what was Huntzinger Studios? Google searches so far haven’t helped answer that question. Did the Socorro family make a special trip to Albuquerque for the photo shoot?

The photo was taken about 1902. This date is an update from earlier guesses. The baby, Crespin, was born April 30, 1901.

So who is in the group? José T. Torres and Domitila (Torres) Sanchez are at top. Their mother Andreita is seated. Juan Jose Montoya, whose mother Monica had died just a couple of years earlier, is standing beside his grandmother. And Domitila’s husband Moises, who is holding their baby named Crespin, round out this mix of family members.

We wonder if other family pictures were taken the same day? Anybody out there know?

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