Thursday, December 8, 2011

Mother Andrea

Andrea (Trujillo) Torres bore children from 1870 to 1896.

She was a teen-ager when the first child was born and in her 40s when her last one came along. The last child, and at least three others, died as babies.

Let's take a look at the spring of 1896 when her last child was born. Two of her grandchildren were born around the same time to her daughters, Domitila and Monica. A pregnant Andrea was godmother to granddaughter, Teresa Sanchez, born on March 3. Andrea had her own baby named Adelina Barbara on May 22. When her grandson, Juan Jose Montoya, was born June 12, Andreita also was his godmother.

By 1900, we know that granddaughter Teresa, daughter of Domitila, and Juan Jose’s mother, Monica, had died. Andrea’s baby, Adelina Barbara, also had died before 1900.

We don’t know how long these families who experienced joy that spring of ’96 continued to celebrate before death struck their households.

Note: Andreita celebrated her birthday Dec. 8.

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