Friday, December 23, 2011

Recap of Crespin and Andrea's Family

So far we know the names and baptismal information for 12 of Crespin and Andreita’s children. There were probably a couple of others.
Here’s a recap:
  • Domitila was born Jan 13, 1870. Her godparents were Candelario Garcia and Maria de los Remedios.

  • Monica was born Sept. 21, 1871. Her godparents were Juan Julian Trujillo and Monica Padilla.

  • Apolonio was born Sept. 28, 1873. His godparents were Canuto Torres and Isabel Padilla.

  • Ignacio was born Oct. 25, 1875. His godparents were Manuel Trujillo and his grandmother Dolores Marquez.

  • Severo was born Dec. 18, 1877. His godparents were Severo Baca and Josefa Jaramillo. He died young.

  • Manuel was born July 21, 1879. His godparents were Rafael Olguin and Antonia Trujillo. He died young.

  • José was born Oct. 10, 1881. His godparents were José de la Cruz Olguin and Evarista Padilla.

  • Dolores was born July 15, 1884. Her godparents were older brother and sister, Apolonio and Domitila.

  • Rogerio was born Dec. 8, 1887. His godparents were Rogerio Trujillo and Francisca Baca.

  • Guadalupe was born Oct. 4, 1890. Her godparents were Estevan Baca and Catalina Baca.

  • Encarnacion was born April 19, 1894. Her godparents were Emilia Stapleton and Abran Abeyta. She died young.

  • Adelina Barbara was born May 22, 1896. Her godparents were Felipe N. Baca and Flora Armijo de Baca. She died young.

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