Monday, April 18, 2011

Biscochitos Anyone?

Practically everyone’s grandmother made biscochitos – if you have roots in New Mexico, that is. The crispy, crumbly cookies, with anise and cinnamon flavorings, are the state cookie after all – though that pronouncement was not official until 1989. The cookie’s beginnings are said to reach back to 16th-century Spain, where they were known as mantecosas. An authentic biscochito recipe is likely to be lard-based. Click here to see a basic recipe posted on the Inn of Governors website.

If you have an alternate recipe, please share. Or if YOUR grandmother cooked something else for special occasions, tell us.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Stylish Ladies

So many blog posts deal with special events, such as marriages and birth dates. Sometimes it’s nice to look at pictures of family just hanging out. Here are photos through the years of some of the ladies, posing and looking stylish.

  • Lola (Torres) Stapleton poses with a Socorro neighborhood friend, probably in 1919.

  • Sisters-in-law Patsy Sanchez and Monica Lubbon are 1930s buddies in L.A.

  • Josefina Torres (later Diaz) probably in Socorro in the '30s.

  • Esther Torres (later Pool) in 1942 in front of her brother’s house in Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles.