Saturday, March 17, 2012

1940 Census: Any Surprises?

1940: That year was the first U.S. census since 1850 without Papa Crespin. Remember, he can be found in Los Angeles – not Socorro – with his daughter Domitila in the 1930 census. He died in 1937 in Socorro.

In 1940, we would expect to see that Crespin’s house on the 300 block of Mt. Carmel Street in Socorro, N.M., was being occupied by his son Rogerio and family. Daughter Dolores and her husband, Vivian Stapleton, probably were living two doors away at 321 Mt. Carmel Street. A Luna family probably lived between them.

In 1940 records, we also expect to see that our many families were pretty much living in the same places that they had been living in 1930. Socorro families remained in Socorro, and California families remained in California. The limitation we may find with the 1940 census is that it was taken just before World War II, when our families were on the move. For instance, many young men joined the service in the early '40s and met future spouses from faraway places.

But we’ll have to see when the census is released on April 2. One in 20 households was given extra questions to answer that year. Were our families among those in the sampling?

Here are some tips from the National Archives if you want to be among the first to look up 1940 families. We’ll address some families on this blog in future posts.

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