Thursday, June 7, 2012

Damaged 100-Year-Old Photo

Did someone take an ice pick to this photo? And who is the woman with the cut-out face?

Don’t know about an ice pick, but the woman is Dolores “Lola” Torres. And by all accounts, she was a gentle woman. This original photo handed down in the family can’t easily be Photoshopped, as too many facial features are missing. But family members know who she is.

She’s pictured here with her nephew (yes, he’s her nephew) Francisco Sanchez; her niece, Monica Sanchez, right; and her grandniece, Andreita Luna, left. It’s sort of an unusual family grouping representing three different generations. The photo was mounted on a postcard, but was not addressed to anyone.

The two adults pictured here had not yet found their future spouses. The older girl was born about 1903, and the younger girl was born in 1907, so this photo was taken about 1910.

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  1. This is an exceptional photo. Groupings of this sort with aunt, nephew, niece and grandniece lead to further inquiry - I wonder if he was her ahijado/godson. Dolores "Lola" Torres is a fascinating figure here among her relatives.