Thursday, August 16, 2012

California Families Voted

Voting was important to our Torres relatives.

José Torres’ daughters recall that their father believed strongly in the vote – and that fact helped us zero in on when José left New Mexico and moved to California. It shows how long he and the family lived in Needles. José is registered as early as 1917 in Needles, San Bernardino County. After 1923, he is regularly registered in Fresno.

“California Voter Registrations, 1900-1968” database at doesn’t have every year listed, but it gives a sampling of years to help you see where relatives lived.

The records show that Domitila Sanchez also was a voter. She is registered in Los Angeles in 1930, in Fresno in 1938, and in Los Angeles in 1950 – consistent with family memories and census records.

José and Domitila were registered Democrats, by the way.

The voter records do not list ages. And if a name is common, the records may not help much. But if you are pretty sure that a relative lived in a particular place, the voting records can help verify it.

Many of our relatives can be placed at specific addresses in the ’50s and ’60s based on these records.

As far as New Mexico is concerned, does not currently have a comparable database.

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