Saturday, September 1, 2012

Another Juan Jose

During the Christmas season in 1892, a baby named Juan Jose Montoya was born in Socorro, N.M. Maybe the Montoyas knew this already: Their ancestor had an older sibling of the same name.  

Juan Jose Montoya – who lived in Socorro, Tucson and Los Angeles during his 54 years – was born in 1896 to David Montoya and Monica (Torres) Montoya. The older brother was born four years earlier. He most likely died before the second Juan Jose came along when the parents revived the name.

Here’s the lowdown: On the 1st of January 1893, Father J.B. Brun writes in the Socorro baptismal records that he baptized Juan Jose Montoya, born on the 23rd of December of the previous year. Juan Jose was the legitimate son of David Montoya and Monica Torres. His godparents were Leandro Montoya and Marcelina Baca.