Friday, February 1, 2013

Orphaned and Widowed

If you follow this blog, you know that Crespin Torres was orphaned as a baby

While his youth was spent in homes of different relatives, adult Crespin had one constant – an almost 60-year marriage to Andreita. The fortune he found in his relationship followed the misfortune of his parents and grandparents.

Let’s take a look at the lives of his antecedents – and multiple cases of widowhood.

Crespin’s mother, Maria Josefa Montoya, was married only two years to a man named Antonio Chavez before he died. At the time that Josefa married Crespin’s father, Anastacio Torres, her own dad was widowed and remarried. It appears that Josefa’s mother, Maria Manuela Garcia, died before 1834. Josefa’s dad, Juan Montoya, married Monica Ortega in September 1834, just four months before Josefa and Anastacio tied the knot in January 1835.  By the time Crespin was born, the granddad was widowed again and married for a third time – this time to Maria Tomasa Luna in August 1847. Fortunately, grandpa and his third wife were still around in December 1850 to take in baby Crespin. Both of them were his godparents at baptism.

Crespin’s mother had died in early 1850 – perhaps in childbirth – and his dad died later that same year. We know this from Crespin’s obituary. Granddad Juan Montoya – who was born in 1794 ­ – was no longer around by the time of the 1860 census, when Crespin was living with the family of his Aunt Guadalupe (Torres) Baca.

Now let’s look back another generation at the parents of Maria Manuela Garcia. Her father was Francisco Xavier Garcia Jurado, an original grantee of the Socorro Town Land Grant. He was the widower of a woman named Juana Maria Torres before he married Manuela’s mother, Josefa Sanchez, in 1782 in Isleta, Bernalillo County. Josefa was the widow of Jose Manuel Silva. Josefa was married to Silva only a couple of years.
And back one more generation: Toribio Garcia Jurado was widowed by his wife, Antonia Teresa Gutierrez, (a great-great grandmother of Crespin’s) and later married Brijida Vallejos on May 12, 1767 in Albuquerque.

Source: Family History Library Rolls 16993 and 16996, San Miguel Catholic Church, Socorro, New Mexico.

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