Sunday, August 4, 2013

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Let’s take another look at our Marquez family line. Ignacio Torres – frequently mentioned in this blog – married the widow of Miguel Marquez. There are two ways to connect Ignacio to a man named Antonio Marquez

Those of us doing New Mexico genealogy know there’s always more than one way to connect the dots.

The most direct link of Ignacio to the Marquez line is simple: He was the great-grandson of Antonio. (One of Ignacio's grandmothers was Antonio's daughter, Doloritas Marquez, who married Jose Trujillo).

Antonio married twice – first to Loreta Vigil, the mother of Doloritas – but later to Ana Maria Molina. It is through his second wife that we follow the thread back to Ignacio. One of their sons, named Jose Antonio married Juana Maria Lucero in 1858. They were the parents of Miguel Marquez, who married Andreita Montoya in August 1900. .. and then Andreita married Ignacio after Miguel died. But the connection isn’t lost there. Miguel’s mother, Juana, and his sister Nestora were actually living with Andreita and the daughter that she had with Miguel at the time that she and Ignacio married in 1906 … and they continued to live in the same household for many years.

So our well-known relative Ignacio is the great-grandson of Antonio Marquez … AND his wife’s first husband’s father is the step-brother of Ignacio’s grandmother.

By the way, Antonio Marquez – born in 1784 in Tome – first shows up in Socorro records in 1824. He married his first wife in Belen in 1816, and he was the son of Jose Mariano Marquez and Petra Yturrieta.

But that’s enough dot-connecting for now. Whew!

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