Friday, July 19, 2013

One L.A. Family in '50s

This is Victor Benedict Sanchez and his second wife, Charlotte, who moved to Los Angeles from Albuquerque. The children from his second marriage, pictured here, are Larry and Balbina. (The name Balbina is the same as Victor’s first wife, odd as they may seem). The girl actually was named Victoria Balbina, and she died in Southern California in October 2009.
The boy pictured here is Lawrence B. Sanchez, who died June 14, 2012 in Rio Rancho, N.M. Larry’s middle name was Benedict – like his father.  Larry’s godparents were Benny and Monica Lubbon. He told us a few years ago that the family came from New Mexico to Los Angeles when Larry was 8 days old to have him baptized, and then they returned. The family moved to L.A. when Larry was age 3, or in 1953.

Note: In many records, Victor B. is also Victoriano