Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Esther Pool Dies at 95, Leaving Legacy

A family treasure recently joined our ancestors.

Esther Pool, the daughter of Jose T. Torres and Josie Armijo, died on Aug. 9 at age 95.

In those years, she shared so much with so many family members. She gave us her loving spirit and untold family stories.

I’m her daughter. I wouldn’t have become interested in genealogy if I hadn’t had such an inquisitive mom who listened to family stories and retold them accurately.

She knew about her California family, but she heard stories about her New Mexico cousins and ancestors and talked about them. She even listened intently to stories of my father’s Southern and Texas roots and could repeat those tales, as well.

She was ever observant. She soaked up details. I always thought she would have made a good detective.

And most of all, she got her stories right. When I located an actual record, I could see that my mom’s story was verified. When I wrote narratives for personal use, I let her read them. She pointed out a couple of minor mistakes here and there.

She was my editor as well as my trusted source.

Those 95 years of sharing were priceless. CLICK HERE to read her life story

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