Thursday, May 1, 2014

3 Socorro Siblings

Crespin and Andreita’s 3 youngest children were Lola, Rogerio and Lupe Torres, who lived their entire lives in Socorro. Here are three bits of information about each of them.

First: a clipping from the Socorro Chieftain on Oct. 27, 1906 regarding a major accident involving Rogerio (seems like the loss of a young man’s leg might have merited a bigger news story). Rogerio was injured on Tuesday, Oct. 23 -- a couple of months before he turned 19. He married Clara (Sanchez) McCullough and lived till age 46. CLICK I HERE to see the entire front page of the Saturday newspaper. The item is in the third column.

Second: a photo of Lupe with her husband Thomas Olguin from 1960, courtesy of a grandson. The rare photo of the couple was taken near the Socorro home of one of their sons who was named Crespiniano. Lupe enjoyed a long life, sharing time with her family in Socorro until 1881 – when she died at 90 years old.

And finally: the obituary of Lola Stapleton. This copy was passed down from family members. The  actual date and name of the newspaper were not recorded, but it’s a good bet that the obituary appeared in the Socorro Defensor Chieftain in December 1952, or maybe even January 1953.

 P.S.: Note that Lola’s brothers Jose and Apolonio were still living at the time of her death. Jose died in 1959 in Los Angeles, but we still haven’t figured out when and where Apolonio died.